Electronics tinkering for the C64

I ordered a bunch of parts from Digikey, Conrad and Reichelt today. Parts for:

  • Capacitors for a C64 recap
  • Capacitors for a 1571 recap
  • All parts for Greisi’s C64 PSU
  • 2x parts for C64 PSU replacement board
  • 1x Raspberry Pi 3 B+ incl.power supply unit
  • Various DIN and Cinch connectors

That was not very cheap. All together about 230 EUR. Especially some parts for the C64 PSU are quite expensive (transformer, case, Traco voltage converter).

Of course no store had all the parts. So I had to look into multiple stores. But since I ordered so much, at least the shipping costs on Digikey and Conrad were free. I think the parts from Digikey come straight from the US. Let’s see how long it takes.

A few days ago I ordered more boards for the PSU and the replacement board on PCBWay. I’m also curious how long it will take until it arrives.

Yesterday the Pi1541 board arrived from Sweden. Looks good. Still have to wait until the DIN connectors arrive, so I can manufacture the serial cable.

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