I got me a C128D and a 1901 and it Blew Up

I drove 260 km today in order to pick up this beautiful baby:

It’s a C128D, a Commodore 1901 monitor, a competition pro and some manuals and software. The Commodore 1901 is dear to my heart. Because that is the same monitor I had when I was a teenager. And of course the front panel is missing.

Both machines are a bit dirty and have some stickers on it. But otherwise they look great.

Unfortunately about an hour in trying out some things, there was a bang and smoke came out of the 1901. Luckily only the mains input filter capacitor blew up. I even had a replacement. I first had some troubles removing the main board. There is a black plastic retainer, that needs to be removed first. And then it still needed a fair amount of wiggling to become lose.

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