Power Supplies Built

Solder, solder, solder. Meanwhile all parts for the power supplies arrived. And also the PCBs from PCBWay. They are really beautiful boards, as far as I can tell. I built …

1571: A Small Defect

Today I got a pack of fifteen 5.25 floppy disks, which I bought on eBay from an Englishman (ginger_colin). The floppy disks were quite cheap – about 15 EUR incl. …

Electronics tinkering for the C64

I ordered a bunch of parts from Digikey, Conrad and Reichelt today. Parts for: Capacitors for a C64 recap Capacitors for a 1571 recap All parts for Greisi’s C64 PSU …

1571 on eBay

I bought a 1571 on eBay.

I received the unit on 2/19. It was well packaged. As stated the lever is missing. I opened the device by just removing the four screws on the bottom. Then the top cover lifts up easily. The warranty seal was already broken.

Pi1541 und Diagnostic Cartridge 586220

It is clear that working with a C64 with only dataset or real disk drive not up to bar nowadays. Therefore I ordered a Pi1541 floppy emulator. A guy from Sweden has a quite cheap kit which even contains an OLED display. There are many variants of the circuit on the internet. I think the one I ordered is a more mature version with two sockets to loop through to another floppy.

C64 Power Supply

I tried to open the power supply of the C64. I did not succeed at all. Partly because I didn’t want to use too much force. Apparently you have to break off pretty thick pins to get the bottom plate off. Also, I found out on the internet that the PSU is completely potted anyway and there’s not much you can do.